When you want to make a difference...

Today, there is an increasing need for healthcare professionals. According to national employee outlook statistical reports, the careers with the most job growth opportunities are in healthcare.

Medical research, advanced technology, and better healthcare programs are extending the average life span in America. When people live longer, there is an increased need for health professionals to care for the elderly.

Advancements in technology and research allow intervention in diseases previously deemed untreatable. New technologies and treatment plans require the talents of additional highly skilled healthcare specialists.

Career opportunities in healthcare will continue to increase over the next decades as the population ages. The need for qualified health professionals could become critical. That’s why more smart, caring individuals need to enroll in healthcare study programs.

When you want choice...

Most people think of doctor, dentist or nurse when they think of healthcare careers. In fact, there are numerous choices with more specialtyareas evolving as medical advancements occur.

Just click on an area of interest for career information and educational programs. Detailed information about many health careers, scholarships/ financial aid, and our sponsoring hospitals also can be found in the CODE BLUE Resource Notebook. Copies of the notebook are, or soon will be, available in the local libraries, middle and senior high school guidance offices, media centers, and science/health departments of educational institutions in the twelve Piedmont Triad counties in which CODE BLUE is operational.