Nursing is a dynamic discipline that provides direct care to individuals or groups of people with a focus on promoting and maintaining maximum health. Responsibilities center on the physical and mental improvement of the patient and the education of patient and family regarding healthcare and wellness programs. Nurses direct and supervise nursing support personnel. There are a variety of specialty areas and career advancement possibilities.

The nursing profession is ideal for savvy individuals with dedication, patience, respect for others, and a sincere concern for the well being of patients and families.



Registered Nurse
Licensed Practical Nurse
Certified Nurse Assistant


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There are two educational registered nurse programs. These include the two-year Associate degree and the four-year Baccalaureate degree, which better prepares you for career advancement. After completing one of these programs, you must pass the state board examination to gain your RN license.

LPNs provide nursing care under the direction and supervision of a physician or registered nurse and may work in a variety of specialty areas. Upon completion of a state approved training program (which generally lasts one year), you must pass a written national examination to receive your license.

Certified nurse assistants help care for patients under the direction of registered and practical nurses and physicians. Usual duties include assisting patients with eating, bathing and other daily activities. The certification program is available at many community colleges.